Frequently asked questions

What support will I have?

The Caerphilly Keys team will be the single point of contact for landlords and tenants. We will match all appropriate tenants to relevant properties. We will then carry out follow up inspections to check that everything is going well with the tenant and the property, and will let you know if there are any issues and assist you with addressing them. This approach is not business driven; it is an integral part of our innovating house options approach. We have very close working links with all departments with the council, Universal Credit and other external agencies. We feel this approach to rehousing will enhance the longevity of any tenancy, through mutual understanding between landlord and tenant and by ensuring that there is appropriate housing related support available.

What agreements will tenants be given?

Landlords will provide all tenants with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. It will be the landlord’s responsibility to provide all legal documents relating to the new tenancy. As the landlord you should ensure that you check these documents are legal and fit for purpose. These documents will clearly identify what tenants can and cannot do in the property.

Who will be responsible for repairs or ongoing maintenance?

Arrangements with landlords vary – landlords may prefer to make their own arrangements whilst others may require input. Landlords are required to have a gas servicing and maintenance in place In 2018 the law changed to reflect a requirement for any new lets and renewal of tenancies for properties rented out in the private rented sector to have a minimum energy performance of (E) or above. Any properties that breach this requirement could face a civil penalty of up to £5000. All properties must comply with the HHSRS.

What about bills?

The tenants living in the property will be responsible for all council tax, water and fuel bills. We will be on hand for any advice and assistance required.


The collection of rent from your tenant will be set up directly to you. We will provide you with advice regarding market rental levels and agree a rental rate with you. Caerphilly Keys will not be responsible to or accountable for any tenancy breaches by the tenant e.g. this includes rent arrears or abandonment of the property by the tenant. However we will be on hand for advice and assistance. If you collect rent in cash, it is a legal obligation to have a rent book. If legal action is required we can help you and advise you where appropriate. As the landlord you are still responsible for your property and any liabilities that occur with it. However through our expertise and help we aim to minimise the risk of you incurring these problems. You should also ensure that you seek independent legal advice in this matter.

How much rent will I receive?

Once your property has been assessed we will discuss market rental levels and together make a decision on your rental rate.

What types of property are suitable?

We are interested in unfurnished one, two, three and four bedroom properties. However, the type of properties that we need and the areas where we require homes may vary over time.

Where are properties needed?

We will consider all areas and properties regardless of demand.

What if my property needs upgrading?

We can provide you with information/assistance regarding the availability of small loans/grants to bring empty homes back into use. We can provide free advice on EPC and Housing Health and Safety System Assessments.

Rent Smart Wales Requirements?

Under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, there are legal obligations on landlords who have rental property in Wales. All landlords who have a rental property in Wales that is rented on an Assured, Assured Shorthold or Regulated Tenancy is required to register - £33.50 Online Landlords who do undertake letting and management tasks at their rental properties in Wales are required to apply for a licence - £144.00 online.