About us

Caerphilly Keys is a project led by Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Housing Solutions team which helps private landlords find long term tenants for their properties, whilst also preventing homelessness.

Caerphilly Keys tenancy support is provided by housing provider Pobl Group and is funded by the Welsh Government Housing Support Grant. The type of support offered includes managing a tenancy, budgeting, maximising income, alleviating debt, support with education, learning and employment, and referral to other organisations.

We also have a Flexible Support Partnership in place with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) which will promote the seamless transition onto Universal Credit and to prevent further homelessness by ensuring direct payments are in place for housing costs.

The customer journey will be bespoke depending on complexities but will/can include:

  • Initial Private Housing and Personal Assessment interview
  • Initial start up appointment with new support worker
  • UC new claim or change of circumstance appointment
  • Assessment and referral for PBS or Debt support
  • Tenancy support identified
  • Referral to appropriate agency to overcome barriers
  • Referral to Caerphilly Community Regeneration Team for employability support
  • Ongoing support appointments as required.